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We buy and secure land options throughout the UK on behalf of a national network of clients. As land continues to grow year on year, those buying land have seen their investments outperform property and the stock market in recent years.

Land where you buy the freehold is a tangible asset and with predictions in the market that land will continue to increase in value, we believe there has never been a better time to buy land.


ALERT: Are you looking to buy land, we may have the answer. Land Hunters in association with investment partners are moving into the strategic land marketplace. Individual investment plots will be 'for sale' from October 2010.

Buying Land from Land Hunters is a quick, easy and simple process and our experienced land consultants are here to guide you through the process of buying your land.

There are a number of ways to find land for sale UK. The use of land agents is one, however it does have a number of potential benefits over the other methods. You could look for land yourself, in local ads and newspapers, but this is a very time consuming business, and you are limited by the number of advertisements at any one time, with the right plot of land quite possibly passing you by unnoticed.

You could visit an estate agent to enquire if they have any land for sale, but again most estate agents don't operate in this market and don't sell land to the public; if they do have land they are more likely to be interested in developers and builders who can buy much larger plots of land. As a private investor, would probably only be interested in and able to afford a much smaller plot of land.

There are no high street, land agent shops, so it can be difficult to know where to look for reputable land agents, but once you've found one they can be worth their weight in gold. With all the others factors considered, such as the relative merits, regional trends in land sales, and the return on investment likely to be gained, here is why you should use a land agent over any other option.

Your land agent will know the local area well (remember land is their whole business) its all they do. They will know what is or isn't a good investment, also they are highly unlikely to have something on their books that they dont bleive will make large profits. Land agents provide a valuable service, as they will be dealing with several land sellers, they will have the contacts and the access to land from many sources.

Additonally you can instruct a land agent to secure a particular plot on your behalf (with more experience and buying power) they should be able to secure at much less than the end-user. Land agents will offer land for sale in many regions across the United Kingdom, ranging from agricultural land, farmland, equestrian, leisure, woodland and investment land and will have all the latest news on land industry developments, along with expert advice for land owners and investors in all these matters.

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- Richard Fletcher -

Etiam sed nulla quis nibh nonummy dignissim. Suspendisse purus tellus, volutpat vitae, lacinia eget, hendrerit et, ligula.

- Richard Fletcher -