• 1 My Beautiful Woodland
    Some people just want peace and tranquility, a place they can escape to recharge their batteries...
  • 2 Living a Green Life
    There are those who want to be self-sufficient with a small farm, vegetable gardens, or even land-sharing...
  • 3 We Source Commercial Land
    Land Hunters need land for commercial clients, for business parks, shopping complexes and leisure facilities...
  • 4 Leisure and Community
    From gocarts to community projects, we support Surrey and help innovative businesses find land to get started...
  • 5 And Of Course There Are?
    More people want to try it. Yes there are those who just want to build their own home and be Mortgage FREE!...
    We'll go that extra mile, we're your trusted partner, we'll even walk a long way to find your perfect piece of land...

Welcome to Land Hunters

Land Hunters are one of the UK's leading land agents, offering clients professional services to secure land for leisure, recreational, agricultural use, or investment and development purposes.

Do you require land? or do you have domestic or commercial land for sale? - If any of these apply to you then contact The Land Hunters .

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  • Land sourced and acquired for private client projects.
  • Freehold land bought outright by The Land Hunters.
  • Land options secured for Land Hunter investment clubs.
  • Commercial building and development projects managed.
  • Residential building and development projects managed.
  • Community and environmental projects supported throughout Surrey.
  • More partners required: contractors, developers, land owners
  • All kinds of residential and commercial land required and bought.
  • More land "NEEDED URGENTLY" for future investments and a variety of other uses.

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Client Testimonials

The Land Hunters actually managed to secure the exact piece of land we had been trying to purchase for some years and they did it within 12 weeks.

- The GreenAcre Project -

When I was left a run-down probate property and didn't know what to do. The Land Hunters actually paid me 30% OVER the market-value. - Satisfied in Surrey.

- Colin Hatcher -