Land Investment and Why?


Land Hunters specialise in all kinds of land investment. Land as an investment is popular as land prices have seen rises year on year and it has outperformed property and shares. Investing in land has many benefits including tax advantages and an amenity to achieve a sought after lifestyle.

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ALERT: Land is free of inheritance tax so people are buying land because basically they can transfer their assets to their beneficiary tax free.

"We want people to buy land because they want to do something with it, not package it up and turn it into tax-free death benefits.” Land can and is rezoned, land can be used for a variety of options and land has always been regarded as a steady, safe, long term investment. Investors predict that – even as house prices fall – the value of land will continue to rise.


Unlike shares, land for sale is tangible - it can be visited, seen and walked on.

  • Land increases in value
  • This is due to various factors, however demand outstripping supply and the land gaining planning permission to have a house built on it are two of the most important.

  • Land is a finite resource
  • The United Kingdom is a small country with the majority of the population living and wanting to live in the South East. This means land in the South East has a premium, however everything is relative, successful planning for any kind of business, or ultimately a property ensures a valuable asset.

  • Land is a solid and easy to understand investment
  • Land is not open to fraudulent accounting, it is clear when land prices are going up (or down) and the reason for this movement. For example everyone in the UK is aware we have a housing crisis in the particularly in the South East.The government has to build 3,500,000 (3.5m) homes by 2015 to accomodate the rise in population, so investing in land make perfect sense on so many levels.

  • Land can be a cheap method of investment
  • A semi-detached house in South East England can easily cost £250,000, a plot with panning permission can cost you 100,000 of these pounds, whereas a residential-sized plot of 'investment land' in the same location can be bought from upwards of £10,000.

  • Investment land has a wide range of uses
  • Investment land can be used for a myriad of options from starting a small-holding, a marekt garden, grazing animals, (we have clients who breed llamas, another who breeds alpacas) starting a small leisure business or building a home on. People are buying forrests due to tax efficiences, another great investment. - Whatever is done with it, land is a solid investment and with professional help, the price is likely to rise considerably, even with the slowdown in house prices.
  • The UK has a housing shortage
  • The need for housing close to London is regularly reported upon in the press. The only solution appears to be to build more houses on brownfiled sites which there is a limited amount, or greenbelt land. The government have agreed to build 40% of all these new houses on Greenfield sites (60% Brownfield). However we believe sunstantially more greenbelt land will have to be released and this is why you should invest in land - They don't make it anymore!


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Etiam sed nulla quis nibh nonummy dignissim. Suspendisse purus tellus, volutpat vitae, lacinia eget, hendrerit et, ligula.

- Richard Fletcher -