Land Use

Land is a tangible asset that has a variety of usages, factors such as location, size and access, even soil type can all impact on the land usage.

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How To Use Land

Agricultural Land Use

Agricultural land denotes land suitable for agricultural production of both crops and livestock. Agricultural land is separated into two different categories, arable land and pasture land. Agricultural land follows an Agricultural Land system. The Agricultural Land Classification (ALC) provides a method for assessing the quality of agricultural land. The higher the grading, the better and more versatile the agricultural land is.

The Agricultural Land Classification grading system is also used by local planning authorities, developers and the public if development is poposed on agricultural land.

Grazing Land Use

Grazing land, or pasture land, is the most common type of land you will find for sale throughout the United Kingdom. Grazing land can be either arable land that has been seeded, or lush grassland.

Also known as pasture land it is typically used for grazing livestock, however it's location, area size and access all can increase it's potential for other uses such as conversion to a paddock, or it of course can just be held as a long-term investment.

Paddock Land Use

Paddocks are generally small acreages of grazing land. Due to the scarcity of paddocks and of small acreages suitable for paddock conversion, land used for paddocks is generally "off cut" from larger pacels of grazing land. The size of paddock use varies, but typically the size required is one acre per horse.

Paddocks and land suitable for paddock conversion are in high demand due to the limited supply of small parcels of land. Vantage Land specialise in paddock land and providing you with the acreage you require and are happy to discuss your paddock requirements with you.

Smallholding Land Use

A smallholding is generally a piece of land between 1-50 acres that is used for the cultivation or growing of vegetables or the breeding of farm animals, i.e. a small farm. Smallholdings don't have to include buildings / barns, but it is the general perception that they do as somewhere to store tools used to work on the land.

Woodand Use

Finding private woodland is still relatively difficult. Woodland can be used for a wide range of outdoor activities including paint balling, archery, tree climbing and cycling. Many people buy woodland for their own enjoyment and to have a place to be at one with nature..

Recreational Land Use

Recreational land can be used for a wide range of activities, including quad biking, off-roading, archery or for a simple gathering of family and friends. Recreational land can also be that with fishing, shooting or sporting rights.

As quad-biking, motor-cross and off-roading are noisy pursuits, land purchased for these is usually more remotely located, though an accessible road is require, and not near residential development. Quieter activities, such as archery, may have other specific requirements i.e. flat land open land.

Investment Land Use

Investment land is typically close to dense existing development, in areas of housing need with an existing infrastructure. Investment land benefits from good access and road frontage. The value of investment land varies depending on theses factors, though land in general can be seen as a good investment.

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The Land Hunters actually managed to secure the exact piece of land we had been trying to purchase for some years and they did it within 12 weeks.

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